EZRoom 2300  



ResponseCard RFDesigned specifically for the K-12 classroom, ezRoom is the most affordable and easy-to-use complete classroom AV solution available. The focus is on making it easy to build, manage and use media-rich, integrated classrooms to improve teaching and learning.

With the addition of Calypso’s CB-2000 networked button panel controller, the ezRoom 2300 offers an affordable fully integrated classroom AV solution that includes networked device control, hardware and software user interfaces, remote monitoring, audio amplification, CAT-5 wall-plates, flexible mounting options and every wire, cable and connector needed to build out integrated classrooms.

Key ezRoom capabilities include: easy classroom control from hardware and software interfaces, control of typically non-networked devices like projectors, fully integrated classroom audio and remote device monitoring for trouble shooting and maintenance.

Each ezRoom come pre-assembled and with a pre-programmed master file, so every aspect of AV classroom design and build-out is simplified. Just add the projector, screen, and AV sources to complete the solution quickly and reliably.

EzRoom is just another way Calypso Systems is making it easier to learn.

  • CB 2000 Networked 8-button control panel
  • CA-1000 4 input, 32-watt amplifier
  • Smart Block Wire adapter and power control adaptor
  • CP-650 CAT5 wall-plate for fast and easy AV wiring
  • Encore! Desktop control panel software
  • Maestro Client/Server monitoring and control software
  • Flexible mount options
  • 6.5" 2-way Speakers and Mounts (plenum and non-plenum speakers available)