QView QD600
High Performance on a Budget



Don't let the low price fool you. The QOMO QD600offers the same high quality imaging technology as our popular QD700 model along with a powerful suite of special features. TheQOMO QD600 uses a professional grade 16X Optical Zoom lens with 8X Digital, Full Auto Focus, Auto Iris and an all glass elements. Users can employ the advanced special effects to engage and educate their audience and make learning fun.

  With the QOMO QD600connected via USB to a computer, you can capture and save video and/or still images for playback at a later time. No need to carry around memory cards, you can save directly to your hard drive! 
  • High quality precision lens with 16XOptical Zoom and 8X Digital Zoom.

  • XGA Output for use with any type of high resolution display device.

  • High speed USB 2.0 port for Video/Image capture on both PC and Mac.

  • Powerful set of advanced image manipulation tools and special effects.

  • Arm and Base LED lights are ECO-Friendly, cool to the touch and last up to 10 years.

  • Choose between Static/Dynamic modes for high resolution images or high frame rate video.

  • iew transparencies, X-rays, photographic negatives, and microscope slides using the built in full sized LED light box.

  • Wireless Remote Control

  • Two-year Parts & Labor Warranty