The Pixie (PXE-DCM) is an elegant and complete control system that fits in a standard single-gang back box.
Pixie offers intuitive control of virtually any display system with a remote control, be it a video projector, plasma screen, or LCD monitor. Controls power, volume, and switches between up to 8 inputs.
A single Pixie can be used to control two or more display devices with the PXE-EMIT (sold seperately).
The Pixie is a perfect fit for AV installations with transient users. It eliminates the confusion caused by wandering remotes, dead batteries, and complex projector control interfaces. An untrained user can use the Pixie to control any display device with confidence and ease.
The back-lit user interface is available in a choice of LED colors, and Pixie comes with different colors of interface for easy customization.
Modular button inserts guarantee that the Pixie is compatible with any available remote control.
Setup is a snap with IR learning, no programming necessary. 
One Pixie can download a completed configuration from any other in mere seconds without the need for any wired connection. Just hold two units face to face.