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View computer screen on the iPad

Doceri Remote's desktop viewer continually displays an exact copy of your computer's screen. Since the computer image is typically much larger than the iPad screen, Doceri lets you use standard pinch gestures to zoom and pan across your computer's screen so that you can work comfortably at any resolution.


Touch Gesture Mouse Control

With the iPad's revolutionary multi-touch interface, you can manipulate the mouse functions of your computer. Tapping on the iPad screen will move the mouse to that location and click it. Hold your finger down and mouse magnifier appears allowing you to use another finger to make left and right mouse click actions.


Flexible, Versatile, and Easy to Use

Doceri's QuickLaunch folder makes it easy to pull up any document. Additionally, two special buttons allow you to advance or reverse your Powerpoint or Keynote presentation slides. Of course, you can perform more complex actions by controlling your desktop directly through the Doceri Remote iPad app. Anything that you can do on your computer, you can now do remotely through your iPad.

To learn more about using Doceri's features to control your computer, see the help file "How to Use Doceri".

Interactive Whiteboard Functionality & Beyond


Annotate on-the-fly over any document your computer can display or on any background you choose. Draw, write, or highlight over the image on your iPad, and see your annotations appear in real time on your computer monitor or projected image. Save your drawings and annotations for later playback and sharing with other Doceri users.


Create and Play Slideshows

Each stroke can be played back as a slideshow or animated sequence, allowing you to create and embellish presentations all within Doceri. Any saved drawing can be opened again for reviewing, editing, and presenting. Using the Drawing Navigator, you can replay your annotations as they were written, or reveal a section at a time.


Set Imagination Free!

Doceri offers a rich set of drawing tools to help you create colorful, engaging presentations, lessons, and even artwork! Easily select different sizes of pens, brushes, and markers, and choose from a pallet of colors. Fine-tune your presentations and artwork with the Drawing Navigator and unlimited levels of undo and redo.

To learn more about using Doceri's Annotation and Drawing features, see the help file "How to Use Doceri".

One Interface Does It All


When used with the SP Controls Networked Room Controllers (purchased separately), Doceri provides touchscreen control of your room's audiovisual equipment at a fraction of the cost of comparable systems. Doceri provides simple, unified, and portable AV control for projectors, monitors, tuners, document cameras, DVD players, amplifiers, and more...the sky's the limit.


Intuitive Interface

Projector power, input switching, and volume controls are always available. Controls for devices such as DVD players and document cameras appear only when you need them. Doceri is a simple, low cost answer to your pile of wayward remote controls with confusing functions and dead batteries.


Seamless Integration

Imagine a single suite of products that runs presentations from a hand-held wireless device AND provides real-time annotation functionality, AND controls your audiovisual equipment through the iPad. Doceri, in conjunction with SP Controls' Network Room Controller, offers features previously only available in high-end rooms.