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The Pixie is a snap for the casual user. A glance reveals how to control any device power, volume, and input selection – no struggling with confusing remotes, touch-screen menus, or dead batteries.


Housed in a Decora® outlet, Pixie is a snap to install – and easy to customize to match your room's aesthetics.


The back-lit user interface is available in a choice of LED colors, and Pixie comes with different colors of interface for easy customization.


Setup is a snap with IR learning – no programming necessary. Need to toggle between several sources? No problem – any button can be programmed to cycle between several codes!


If you've programmed one room, you've programmed them all!


Doing multiple rooms with the same display?


One Pixie can download a completed configuration from any other in mere seconds … without the need for any wired connection! Just hold two units face to face.


The SP Controls Pixie brings your installation costs down to size.