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Wireless Tablets:

Wireless tablets change the dynamic of a classroom by freeing teachers to move among the students and offering a new way to actively engage individual students in classroom activities. In this workshop, participants learn the basic operation of their new tablet as well as new classroom management strategies for using the device with their students.


The professional developer models interactive activities - and participants are given a chance to lead similar practice activities as well. A discussion of next steps and an opportunity for participants to begin a proof-of-concept lesson using their new tablet conclude the session.


Document Cameras:

A document camera can extend the use of the projector to add new depth and variety to the student learning experience. Participants learn basic operation of the document camera, in addition to tips for teacher use, student use, and more advanced uses, such as capturing images and video.


This is followed by a discussion of how the document camera changes the classroom and an opportunity for participants to begin a proof-of­-concept lesson using their new document camera.


Data Projectors:

Data projectors can change the student learning experience in the classroom. Participants learn how to operate their new projectors, and how to use them to bring the world into the classroom using online images, video, and geographic data. They also learn to create interactive "presentations" that actively involve students.


In addition, they learn how to extend their projector using other devices such as DVD players, iPods, and even video game consoles.

Training Sessions

CVTech offers training sessions and workshops to learn how to use the various technologies in the classroom.  We also offer a variety of workshops on many education-related technology topics.
See Brochure for full list of offerings and call us to discuss your needs!


Educator's Guide Series:

Other topics include the following:

  • iPhone for Educators (NEW WORKSHOP)
  • The Educators’ Guide to the Tablet PC (Include the Tablet!)
  • The Educators’ Guide to Classroom Projectors (Include the Projector!)
  • The Educators’ Guide to Document Cameras (Include the Camera!)
  • The Educators’ Guide to iPod (Include the iPod!)
  • The Educators’ Guide to Handheld Computers (Include the handheld!)
  • The Educators’ Guide to Digital Cameras (Include the camera!)
  • The Educators’ Guide to Digital Camcorders (Include the camcorder!)